Selected Publications  (underlined text is hyperlinked)

Monograph. Superfluous Women: Feminism, Art, and Revolution in Twenty First Century Ukraine. Univ. of Toronto Press, 2020.


Interview. "On Feminist Art, Activism, and the Question of Racism" in Fearless,project hosted at Gender in Detail

                   [Гендер в деталях], June 17, 2020. 

Post.  "Ukraine Hosts Most Successful LGBTQ Event in the Nation's History But New Challenges Appear."

               Kennan Institute. August 2, 2019.

Article. "To Walk The Line While (Re)Drawing It: Aesthetic-Political Transformation in Formerly Occupied East Ukraine."
                Donbas Studies Project. IZOLATSIYA, August 2020.

Chapter. "Against Form: Composition, Medium, and Sexual Violence in the Works of Bruno Schulz and Nikita Kadan."

                (Un)Named / (Не)означені, by the Artist Nikita Kadan. Curator Sofia Dyak. Center for Urban History, Lviv, Ukraine,

                November, 2017; The Museum of Odessa Modern Art, November 2018; National Art Museum of Ukraine, 2019.

Chapter. "Pussy Riot & Femen's Global Trajectories in Law, Society, and Culture." Handbook to Gender in Central-Eastern

                Europe and Eurasia. Eds. Janet E. Johnson, Mara Lazda, Katalin Fabian. Routledge Press, 2020.

Article. "We Outsiders: Virginia Woolf and Feminism in Global Perspective." KORYDOR, February 5, 2019.

              Ми, Аутсайдерки: Вірджинія Вулф і фемінізм у глобалній перспективі.

Chapter. The Idea of the Avant Garde - And What It Means Today Vol. 2. Ed. Marc James Léger. University of Chicago Press

              and Intellect Books.    Vol 2 Exhibition & Seminar at NEME Gallery 2019.     Download Vol. 1.

Chapter. Transgressive Women in Modern Russian and East European Cultures: From the Bad to the Blasphemous.

             Eds. Beth Holmgren, Yana Hashamova, Mark Lipovetsky. Routledge Press, 2016.

Forward to Shifting Landscapes: Ukrainian Art Between Revolution and War. Natalyia Tchermalykh, Ed. Kyiv, New York, 

             Montréal: Rodovid Books; Galerie Pangée, 2015.

Article. Performing Protest: Femen, Nation, and the Marketing of Resistance.  Journal of Ukrainian Politics and Society (1),

             April 2015.

Article. "Pussy Riot Arrest at Sochi Reinforces their Cult Status." The Conversation. February 18, 2014.

Article. Two Bad Words: Femen and Feminism in Independent Ukraine. The Anthropology of East Europe Review,

             I-U Bloomington: Fall 2011.

Book Review. The Ukrainian Night: An Intimate History of Revolution, by Marci Shore. Yale University Press, 2017;

             in EWJUS: East West Journal for Ukrainian Studies: Vol. VI, No. 2 (2019).

Book Review. "Dilemma and Knowledge, A Review of Reimagining Utopias: Theory and Method for Educational

             Research in Post-Socialist Contexts."

             by Iveta Silova, Noah W. Sobe, Alla Korzh and Serhiy Kovalchuk (Eds.) Sense Publishers 2017;

             in Comparative International Education Journal (CIE) 2018.

Book Review. Poor But Sexy: Culture Clashes in Europe East and West, by Agata Pyzik, Croyden UK: Zero Books, 2014;

             in Slavic & East European Journal. American Association of Teachers of Slavic & East European Languages, Feb 2015.


Book Review. Democracy Assistance from the Third Wave: Polish Engagement in Belarus and Ukraine, by Paulina

             Pospieszna, U of Pitt Press, 2014; in H-Net Reviews, 2016.


Selected Talks and Conferences

Upcoming. Panelist. "A Politics of Everyday Life: Transnational Divides and Cohesion in Women's and Pride Marches."  Through a Glass Darkly:

              Gender and Activism in Russia and Ukraine (2000s to Today). ASEEES Convention, November 5-8, 2020. Link to PROGRAM.

Upcoming. Roundtable Member. " 'I am Now a Knife': Counter/Insurgencies for Unmaking the Vulnerable Female Subject - War and Rebellion in Soviet and

             Contemporary Ukrainian Art." ASEEES Convention, November 5-8, 2020. Link to PROGRAM.

Invited Public Talk. "Frame Work: Ethnographic Method for Visual Research." Part of the program of the Summer School "Landscape As Monument"
              in the Donbas Studies Initiative. Organized by IZOLYATSIA Platform for Cultural Initiatives with Ukraine Cultural Foundation (UCF).

              Lychychansk, Ukraine. September 10, 2020.  Link to VIDEO.

Panelist. "IS THERE ROOM FOR CULTURE? Challenges of Ukraine's Nascent Cultural Diplomacy Today" Discussion hosted at Harvard Ukraine Research Institute,

             June 11, 2020. LINK to VIDEO.

Talk. "Making Bad: Gender and Revolution in Ukraine" IRES: Institute for Russian and East European Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden. September 17, 2019.

Public Panel. "Which Revolution: Ukraine Five Years Later. Democracy in the Context of Regime Change and Presidential Elections" with former U.S. Diplomat and

            Media Advisor Mark E. Dillen at the University of Michigan. Sponsors: U-M CREES and Slavic Studies, April 4, 2019.

Guest Speaker. A Story of the Transatlantic Women's Movement. International Women's History Month Speaker Series at the University of Arkansas.

            Sponsors: History and Department of Gender Studies, and Modern Languages. March 28, 2019.


History Lunch Lecture Series. University of Alberta, Department of History. March 20, 2019.

Public Talk: "Revolution and Art in 21st Century Ukraine," CUSP: Contemporary Ukraine Studies Program. January 21, 2019, Edmonton.

           Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta, Canada. LINK to VIDEO.

Public Talk. "Against Form: Composition, Medium, and Sexual Violence in the Works of Bruno Schulz and Nikita Kadan." Nov. 16, 2018, Odesa.

            The Museum of Odesa Modern Art. Exhibit: (Un)Named. Nov.-Dec. 2018 curated by Sasha Tryanova. Nov.-Dec. 2017 curated by Sofia Dyak

            at Center for Urban History, Lviv Nov. 2017  and the National Museum of Ukrainian Art (NaMU). LINK to PROGRAM. 


Public Talk. "We, Outsiders: Virginia Woolf and Feminism in Global Perspective." November 15, 2018, Kyiv. Exhibit: A Space of One's Own. Oct. 30 2018-Jan. 6 2019.

            curated by Tatiana Kochubinska and Tanya Zhmurko at PinchukArtCentre. LINK to PROGRAM.

Broadcast. "Reimagining Utopias: Art and Politics in 21st century Ukraine," Conversation with Author Jessica Zychowicz and Artist Maria Kulikowska.

              for SUITE 212, Host: Juliet Jacques, author of Trans (Verso 2017). Izolatsiya Cultural Platform. Kyiv. August 2019. LINK.

Public Talk. “Law & Civic Education: U.S. Student Civic Programs as Potential Models for Ukraine.” American Studies Conference on Constitutional Law.

             August 31, 2018. America House & U.S. Department of State, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Public Talk. “New Directions in Art as Critical Research in Post-Maidan Ukraine - Yevgenia Belorusets & Jessica Zychowicz.” July 19, 2018. America House, Kyiv, Ukraine.  LINK.

Chair. “Perspectives on Diversity: A Dialogue on Rights, Identities, Law, and Culture,” U.S. Fulbright 25th Anniversary Roundtable on Global Human Rights.

              International Association for the Humanities-MAG Conference. Ukrainian Catholic University, June 27-28, 2018, Lviv, Ukraine.


Public Talk. U.S. Fulbright Scholar Capstone Lecture, “Adventures in Cybernetics: From OGAS and Arpanet to the Brave New World.” April 30, 2018. Fulbright Office Kyiv. LINK.

Directed and hosted: "Critical Contexts of the Ukraine Conflict: Uncommon Perspectives." University of Toronto, April 1, 2016.  LINK TO PROGRAM

Public Talk. "New Publics/Counterpublics: Perspectives on Identity and Civil Rights in U.S.-Ukrainian Affairs - Terrell Jermaine Starr & Jessica Zychowicz"

           Jan. 4, 2018. Fulbright Office Kyiv. LINK.

Chair. Panel: "Revisiting Soviet Ukrainian Culture: Architecture, Film, and Literature." Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, Chicago, 2017.

"Why Art Now? Kyiv Artists' Visual Narratives of Identity, Gender, and Conflict in Ukraine." Gender and Transformation in Europe Speaker Series. N.Y.U. Center for European

            and Mediterranean Studies. March 11, 2016.

Post-Maidan Ukraine: Nation, Discourse, and Society Roundtable, Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, July 19, 2017.

"Perspectives on Empowerment: Women in Ukraine," International Women's Month, Peace Corps Headquarters, Washington D.C. March 2017.

"Re-Designing Cultural Institutions in Ukraine: Museums and New Media." 12th Annual Danyliw Research Seminar on Contemporary Ukraine, U-Ottawa, Nov. 2016.

"Re-Thinking Postcoloniality After Maidan: New Media and Gender Regimes in Ukraine," Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, Boston,  July 2016.

"The Post-Soviet Museum: Image, Text, Fragment." Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Conference: The Historical Sociology of Civilizations: Modernity Between Democracy

            and Inequality, Kyiv, May 2017.

"The Data of Life Writing: Gender, Race, and the Digital," Panel Presentation, Institute for the Humanities Annual Conference, University of Michigan, January 2015.

"New Forms of Public Discourse in Russia and Ukraine," National Women's Studies Association Annual Convention, San Juan, Puerto Rico, November 2014.

"Post-Soviet Museum Development: Cultural and Historical Commodity in Ukraine." Annual Southern Conference in Slavic Studies, Atlanta, April 2014.

"New Research Methodologies for Understanding Feminism(s)," Conference: Post-Soviet Nations: Current Challenges and New Approaches to Research,"

             European Humanities University and History Department of St. Petersburg Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg, Russia, May 2013.

"Women and Leadership in China, India, and Ukraine," Panel Presentation, University of Michigan Institute for the Humanities, Ann Arbor, March 2012.

"International Women's Day Centenary: Global Perspectives on the History of the Holiday," Co-Presentation with Dr. Elena Gapova. Center for Russian, East European,

              and Eurasian Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, March 8, 2011.

"Prus, Dostoevsky, and 19th c. Polish-Russian Relations," Annual Southern Association for Slavic Studies, University of Florida, March 2010.

"The Dzyga Cafe in Lviv Ukraine: A Look at Creative Publics and Intellectual Commitments to Post-Transition Culture." Annual Mid-Atlantic Association for Slavic Studies

              Conference, The New School, N.Y.C., April 2008. 

 Selected Critical Public Texts

Panel discussion. "At the Front Line: Ukrainian Art 2013-2019." Exhibit in Mexico City and Oseredok Museum, Winnipeg. August 16, 2020.

Interview. "Why are Americans Interested in Studying Ukraine?"   Voice of America, July 4, 2020.

            [Чому американців цікавлять програми українознавства і чому їх необхідно підтримуват]

"To Walk the Line while (Re)Drawing It: Aesthetic-Political Transformation in Formerly Occupied East Ukraine
             DONBAS STUDIES Interdisciplinary Research Project at IZOLYATSIYA Foundation. June 24 - July 2, 2019.

"Ukraine Hosts Most Successful LGBTQ Event in the Nation's History, but New Challenges Appear."
             Wilson Center & Kennan Institute: Focus Ukraine. August 2, 2019.

"The Global Controversy Over Pussy Riot: An Anti-Putin Women's Protest Group in Moscow."

              University of Michigan International Institute Journal (II Journal): Vol. 2, Issue 1. Fall 2012.

"Pussy Riot Arrest at Sochi Reinforces their Cult Status."
The Conversation. February 19, 2014.

              Founding Branch at the U.K. Consortium of 20 Universities.

Member and Contributor to Atlantika Collective of artists, curators, and educators with Mark Isaac,

             Gabriela Bulisova, Todd Forsgren, Maria Shesiuk, Bill Crandall, and Joe Lucchesi.



Essays. Kateryna Mishchenko and Miron Zownir, Ukrainian Night. Ed. Jana Fuchs. Berlin: Spector Books, March 2015.  (Reviewed by TheGuardianUK)


Essays. Natalyia Tchermalykh, Ed. Shifting Landscapes: Ukrainian Art Between Revolution and War. Kyiv, New York, Montréal: Rodovid Books; Galerie Pangée, 2016.


Essays. The Book of Kyiv. Ed. Kateryna Mishchenko. Kyiv: Medusa; Prostory; Visual Culture Research Center, 2015.

Poetry. Taras Fedirko, Poems.  Absinthe Journal of Translation: Precarious Europe. Ann Arbor: U of Michigan, Fall/Winter 2014/15.


Poetry/Prose. Dmitry Levitsky, The Blue Bus, A Play; Anastasiya Afanasyevna, Snow; Taras Fedirko, Hand, Attempt at a Chronology. Documenting Maidan.

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